Cable question

I finally after listening to ten or so different cables, found the groove with a set of the Synergistic Research Apex SC with active shielding. I listened to them for several days, and have felt since the get go that they are very transparent, very organic sounding and the sound stage is just right. No problem distinguishing different instruments within the recordings, lending credence to accurate timbre. I just like the overall presentation...very live and dynamic. Last night I was monkeying around and I noticed that the little blue led lights that confirm the active shielding is on the cables were not lit up. Long story short, I have been listening to these $5000.00 cables without the active shielding on and can without any reservation say the cables sound much better without the shielding on in my system. I haven't bought the cables yet and am hesitating because of the circumastances. Any comments?
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If you are pleased with the presentation the cables are affording you w/o the biasing active- Why the hesitation? Purchase and continue to enjoy them. Try replacing the batteries, and if there is no audible improvement- Nothing will really be lost(given your enjoyment of their present attributes).
I have found that excessive shielding closes in the sound. If you need it - fine, however, if you don't do without it. Try both ways and enjoy the results
I had Synergistic active shields in two systems over perhaps a couple years, always preferred them on. I never heard any damping, veiling, quite the contrary, always lowered the noise floor and opened things up. I always plugged mine into power conditioners, perhaps that made a difference. Ted has the tube conditioner/power unit out now, it reportedly makes a large difference.

Still, if you prefer them off and like the sound, why be dissatisfied.

I find that there is a good positive difference with the active shielding. I tried this on S/R speaker, interconnect and power cables.

Be sure you have plugged the active shielding in the correct way, otherwise you get negative results. Yes I know it's hard to believe but it's proved to my ears, at least, every time. Perhaps ask your dealer for help with this if unsure.

One (minor) suggestion. Perhaps the title of the thread could have been better worded to include reference to the Synergistic Research. I know you would get a lot more responses since quote few use the S/R Apex cable.

I hope you get the S/R cables... I have the so called entry level Tesla Accelerator s/c Most impressive. I can only dream what the Apex sound's like :-)
If you don't like the "active bias",why don't you try a model w/o the biasing-same line of products.
Wow, 5 Large for cables! Hope you get your money's worth...

SR cables take time to settle.
Keep the shielding on and let the system play as much as possible. Evaluate it later, in few days.

Elesher, I agree with Audphile!... keep them on all the time and run the cables as much as possible even if you are borrowing them from The Cable Company. Some knowledgable folks think that with cables on the level of SR Apex the equiment is also adjusting to the new cable characteristics... so... give it time...

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