Cable purchase and usage for new configuration

I'm spinning off a Stereo system from an existing home theater system and I'm looking for your input for cabling. I currently have 2 B&W 802D speakers, 1 Stentor III subwoofer, 2 Plinius SA 103 amps in mono operation and biwired, 1 Richard Gray 1200c with Acustic Zen Tsunami power cord to the amps. I'm having delivered 1 Gamut CD3 and 1 NAT Audio Symmentrical preamp with Nat AC Coupler (Gray) in two weeks. I need Interconnects (XLR) and Speaker wiring to put this together with some power cords. I enjoy piano, voice, wind and string instruments the most and all types of music. I lean towards realisim with no harshness in the brass instruments. Looking for airiness and realistic decay. I'm sure I'll be making my purchases on Audiogon in the used cables section becouse of costs. Also, any feed back concerning power plants would be appreciated. Of coarse in this hobby-changes will always take place as long as there's funds available. Thanks for you help.