Cable protection

I want to install 7 speaker cables in electrical flexible non metalic conduit (ENT) to prevent the cat from chewing them again. The conduit will be 8 feet long. Will there be any negative effects by having all 7 cables in the same conduit?
Depends on the cable. I tried doing this with tec flex and binding my by wire speaker cables together. It sounded muddy when I seprated them it was much better. Now that is speakers I do not know how other cables will react. I woud guess if they are sheilded like audioquest they will be fine, however if they are not like kimber you may get some negitive effects. maybe call the cable manfacture and ask them.
Put claw cover on the cats claws.They are like gloves that fit over the claws and they last a few weeks before you replace them or simply keep the cat out of the audio room.But in regards to your question I dont see any problems with that,
Get some mice and release them in your house. This will keep your cat busy and away from your expensive stereo gear. You will save $$$ on gear repairs and your cat food bills should also shrink accordingly. You can also get a watchdog to guard your equipment. {8~)