Cable problems

My DH lab T-14 cables and Tekline TL-650's are too bright with my Audio Refinement Complete and Audiovector M1 Supers.

I need a mellow cable with good res.



Cardas cables will suite the AR complete system as your system in on the lean sounding side.
Van Den Hul "The First" are laid back and still detailed.
Maybe Harmonic Tech Truthlink IC's (around $125/used). I just sold my pair mainly because I use silver most of the time and they were not getting any use, but they were very smooth with plenty of detail. I don't know if you would need to change the speaker cable right now if you hook up with the right IC.
Yes, Van den Hul is very evenly voiced cable, without any exaggeration of highs. The Second is also dead silent, which was a problem in some systems for The First., talk to Richard. The Silver Marina would fit the bill nicely. They will send you the cable and let you try it for 45 days before you either pay for it or return it. I found it to be better than any cables I have tried under 1k. It sells for around 240.00 per meter.