Cable Pairing for my setup

Running Canadian speakers on British power. Needed to save on speakers so I went with Paradigm Studio20s for my small listening room. Rega powers the system with a Brio attached to my Planet CD player.

I was using Vandenhul Hybrid cables and found them to be very nice but a little touchy on the high end with songs that have brass and alot of cymbal use in them.

Anyone have an idea of a good set of cables to tone down the highs without losing detail and mid-bass?

Ive just recently bought a run of SPEC Mil plated wire. Silver plated OFC copper with teflon sheilding. Then coated in kapton, being a twisted pair they are then shielded again outside the cables with silverplated copper mesh.

These cables are available on ebay and ive heard good things. I have yet to terminate or even recieve these cables to test. Im not sure how easy it is to terminate yourself so i may have to have my local guy do it at 40 bux a run plus connectors :S

Any ideas? Suggestions? Instructions on DIY termination? I know how to solder and stuff but i hear solderless is better. who knows sometimes i just get so overwhelmed with all these rules of thumb.

I recently reviewed the Rega Brio 3 integrated for Positive Feedback ( and Rega's U.S. distributor, The Sound Organisation, sent along some Chord Company wire. Excellent stuff...I couldn't pick out any obvious shortcomings or colorations when using it. Might be worth a look. And don't forget...though they're not as widely used, Rega makes interconnects and speaker cable of their own.