Cable newbie help

I have a pair for Vandersteen 3A and a McCormack DNS 225. I would like to Bi-wire but that is about all I know from a wireing point. There are so many cables, wires, thises and thats....what are some questions I need to ask to figure out which cables I want to purchas?
You may consider trying a few different brands to start off with, next is your budget, lets say you had $200 to spend on wire. You dont get much in the way of bi-wire for $200, so I would consider spending $200 on a better single run for now then down the road you could add the second pair. You may want to use the cable library from as there fee is low, and gives you a chance to auddition many brands. Another thing is most good cable companies offer a 30 day trial, and the best bang for the buck is buy here on Agon most of the time!
You may consider the PS Audio cables as there very nice, also wire from Kimber, Cardas, AZ, etc... also make great cables. Happy Listening!
I feel your pain and headache, I'm going through the same thing right now. This is a good as a place to start as any. Review new and old post until to read about several cables that seem like what you might be looking for. Next, research, research, and more research. Then figure out what your budget is for cables. I don't think there is such a thing as "The perfect cable", everything about this hobbie is system dependent. What may sound good in my system, might sound terrible in yours. You might try looking at other members systems until you see one that's similar to your's and see what their using. I've even e-mail members directly to ask their opinions on one thing or another. Every last one has been friendly, helpful, and encouraging. Good luck in your journey, if your like me it'll turn into a long one.