cable match for Tyler's-Taylo Refences Monitors

Anyone have any expierience regarding cable selection for theses speakers?
I'm using some old AudioQuest probably equivalent to their CV4 that sounds great.
thanks...I here from many that these speakers are extremely neutral, But I'm wondering if my existing speaker cables arn't a tad too brite. I'm giving them a little while longer and have some other cables I can try too see if I'm imagining this or not.

PROBLEM SOLVED: The resonance of a (no longer in use)cabinet was literally draning the life out of the music (and my speakers). Since I have moved components, added some isolation tweaks to components, raised and/or isolated my cables, the speakers have never sounded better.

I did all the tweaks at once before listening, so I'm not sure which one added the most noticable diff., but what I can say is that these "taylo's" are in fact... amazing!!!!!!!