Cable Management rev4.2

I have spent about 10 hours over the last few days sorting out my cables for about the forth time. Each time I find new ways to improve and refine the layout in a relatively confined space behind the gear using the latest cable hooks etc. It is puzzle, a challenge, and quite a sweat! I now have it all arranged so all cables are beautifully separated and incredibly neat using all my engineering skills and it looks great. "Get a life", you may say. I say it makes a huge difference to clarity and soundstage, and probably as important as the choice of cables in the first. If you have a rat's nest of cables, try it and see how it improves your sound.
Mine are an ongoing struggle to keep neat. As long as the signal/digital cables are kept away from AC power cables, I'm as happy as I'm likely to get. Luckily I don't need to fret over WAF issues, or I'd be divorced again!