Cable maker Mike Schott in Auburn?

In a conversation with Stan Warren, he mentioned a cable maker named Mike Schott in Auburn (Alabama?)who makes a very good Toslink and other cables. Anyone know of him and/or how to get in touch with him? Thanks, Charlie.
Auburn? You mean that agricultural college?
uh oh, i fear the surge of the crimson tide. don't disappoint me guys.
It's not just a cow college, they do have a engineering school. ( I have to stick up for them even though I am a UA alumnus )
...but maybe at least they're taught proper use of indefinite articles. LOL
yes i have been buying items from him for over 20 years mike is a great person to deal with al in michigan
There you go Charlie. Five answers to your question, Guess it's time to end the thread.
As an Auburn University alumnus, I fear I was being a bit geocentric when I heard "Auburn." War Damn Eagle! [:)]
What more is there to say?

HW :>
If y'all come down to Alabama, we'll teach you how to spell impedance. If you stay a while, we'll teach you what it means.