Cable maintenance

How do you maintain your speakers,interconnects and power cables.How often do you clean up the cable terminals and with what?.
I clean all my connectors at least twice a year.
I use de-natured alcohol and the Craig products.
It takes a couple of hours to do, but does make an audible difference.
I use cotton q-tips that you can get at an electronic store, you want the ones that do not use any adhesive to bond the cotton to the stick.I also use pipe cleaners.
Joe nies
A couple of hours, Geez Louise how many cables do you have?
I'd have to smoke some good quality Mary-Joanna to clean cables for 2 hours.
Otherwise it's too boring.
Most of my time spent to clean bare wires that speakers are connected with. I have to do that once every couple of months. I use mix of acetone and alcohole.
Interconnects I clean once in blue moon or upon visualizing the need.
Bathe gently in non-deodorant soap.

Rinse thoroughly with warm distilled water.

Towel dry and sprinkle lightly with talcum powder.

Wrap in a lint free cotton blanket.

Leave a night light on if necessary.

Kiss kiss
Maybe take the wires to a nice spa and have all that done for you?

A chocolate bath with a thorough rinse might really revitalize those tired old wires.
Another new idea for audiophile wire/cable spa tweak.
Hello Tpreaves,
I do have all seperates. Pre-amp, Phono-amp, CD player, Tuner, Turntable, SUT, Mono block amps main system, Speakers with triad connections, pair of sub-woofers, sub-woofer amp, external cross-over for subs only, digital room correction for subs and all the power cables.
I do have arthritis in my hands so that slows me down.
When I'm done I make sure that the cotton swab is clean, no more black oxidation on it. Then I treat it with Craig gold except for the power cables.
It does take time, it is a cheap twesk to do, and it does make the music sound better.
Joe Nies
I never touch them. And since I hear no sound deterioration, that's all that matters. However, my system is not high resolution by audiophile standards, just a pretty good one.
Belt sander, every month. :) Actually I used the "Caig" Pro Gold products.
Hello Inna,
The deterioration of sound (oxidation) is a very slow gradual occurrence. You will not notice it happening from day to day.
I will gaurantee that if you do clean them just once you will be convinced.
Oxidation on the cable connectors and the connectors on your equipment will gradually effect the sound.
A quick method to try, just once would be to get some de-natured alcohol, some paper towels and some pipe cleaners.
Disconnect your cables and wet the paper towel, not a lot, with the de-natured alcohol. Wipe the connectors down, you should see a black residue, wipe till clean, let dry. Dip the pipe cleaner in the de-natured alcohol, not a lot, to get the pins on the RCA connectors and the sockets on the equipment.
Put on your favorite music, something you are very familiar with.
Another quick method not as good is to just disconnect the cables from the equipment a few times, this will break up some of the oxidation.
I hope you try this just once if not and you are happy that is all that matters.
Joe Nies
Hello Joe. You are probably right. I should do it once a year, I guess.
Use Kontak 3 times a year.