Cable life

I am considering a used pair of speaker cables for a McIntosh and B&W system. Do cables have a lifespan? Is there any advantage to buying cables new? Also, any rec's on cables for a $500 budget would be appreciated.
used cables are one of the best bargains in audio. only real advantage to buying new is that there is very little chance of any issues with terminations. Of the dozens i have bought used, only 1 RCA on one cable was faulty and that was disclosed by seller.
Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun. Relatively new so age of cable should not be a problem(not that I think it is).
B&Ws must be bi-wired. What B&Ws are you running?
Thanks for the advice. I'm powering a pair of CM4's with a MA6450 integrated amp. The system sound is good, the room acoustics are great. In the future I'd like to move to the 800 series B&W or look around, but for now I'd like to upgrade the cables. I'm currenty using $2.50 ft. Monster cables bi-wired. I heard this Mcintosh with Nordost Blue Heaven cables and Verity Tamino X2's. Sounded awesome. Not sure how Nordost would pair with B&W though. Will look at Acoustic Zen. Thanks.
AZ is good in my system with my N803s. Smooth. Don't know about Nordost. Prior to Satori Shotgun I had Monster M2.4s bi-wire and Transparetn Music Wave Plus bi-wire. Satori is superior.
Thanks Audphile1, From some of the pricing I've seen they may be a little out of my range but I'll keep looking and try to demo them.
Cables will outlast you if you don`t use them to TOW.
Copper cables can oxidize over many years. I had some Monster Cable with clear covering. After ten years the entire length was green. Look at Guerrilla Cable as a great cable at reseonable price.