Cable length for 110 ohm AES/Ebu digital

With a Reg. 75 ohm cable it has been said the prefered length is around 1.5 meters because reflection in the cable is not affected at that length. Now you may believe in this theory or not.
But I would like to hear from those who do and does this hold true with 110 ohm AES/Ebu digital interconnect XLR.
Can I have it shorter?

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Good article, Thanks Bob. I was planning on using Vampire Pure copper Gold plated XLR. I guess a little more research is in order.
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AES cables have the same limitations as S/PDIF cables when it comes to jitter. They both cause dispersion of the signal, which results in jitter. The longer the cable, the higher the dispersion and losses. See this article for more info:

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Thanks for the link Bob. The price is very reasonable as well. Take Five Audio has Belden 1801B which is 110 as well.
I don't like that it is only a foil shield.
The 1800F looks better with the braid shielding. DH Labs also has some bulk 110 ohm AES/EBU digital cable.

Steve I was hoping you might post. I know you have alot of experance as well. Thanks for the link to your article, very good info. I know everthing in the chain does matter but WOW, after reading that I feel I have a much better understanding, but it almost made me feel like trading it in for a TT. LOL. I've had my Benchmark Dac for about a year now and I am very happy with my choice. When I am ready for some mods I know who I will be sending it to.
Thanks for your input!
In general, I have found that the 1.5m is about right. You definitely get an improvement as they get longer than a meter and shorter than 2 meters. There are probably two things going on. First, reflections will arrive too close to the leading edge if the cable is too short, and dispersion will occur if the cable is too long. Both as these influences appear to me to occur with true 110 ohm cables. I am relying on my ears and experimentation in coming to these conclusions.