Cable & Interconnects for a Plinius 9200

Graduated from a Creek 6060 to a Plinius 9200 and am soliciting cable & interconnect recommendations.

I have limited range (i.e., not full range) Triangle Antal ESWs.

I have the old Acoustic Research 130T interconnects that Sam Tellig pitched 4 or 5 years back in Stereophile (my first non-factory interconnect, and they were indeed a revelation).

Just using Radio Shack copper speaker wire right now, looking to replace as well.

I am told that Blue Heaven can compensate for the darkness quality associated with the Plinius. It can't be that easy. Any help much appreciated. My cable/interconnect budget is $1,000.
I might suggest trying a used pair of Paul Speltz Anti cable speaker cables..Very low cost and could help you out considerably..Being the are cheap on the used market if you like them you can always buy a new pair after demo ing..If you don't like them they sell fast and you won't lose any money..I would also suggest do one item at a time..Either i/cs first or speaker cables..This way you will know what direction your taking after each change..Try not to bit off too much at a time..I think you will be pleasently supprized with the Anti cable price/performance...........
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Power Cord- Tek Line Cables micro Reference

Interconnects- Morrow Audio or PS Audio

Speaker Cables- Clear Day solid core silver (he advertises here)
My suggestion would be to try if you can DNM solid core speaker & IC cables. I own the 9200 and this what i am using. I think it is excellent sounding and a great value. A 10 foot pair of the speaker cable was $220.00.
ICs Audio Metallurgy - GA2 or GA 0's - used them with my 8200 - auctions run on Agon; Speaker cable - Signal Cable -Ultra; Power Cord - Audio Art Power 1 (for me the only PC that has made an audible difference in its relative price range).
Brian27b: Do you recall how you chose the DNMs? Was it a dealer suggestion or did you audition against some other cables? Do I correctly presume that there is some basis for using interconnects & speaker cable from the same manufacturer?

Thorman: Good suggestion, I am going to have placement issues in the living room with my wife, and the anticables may be a good way to test the waters with her.

Facten: Going to look up the Audio Metallurgys since the 8200 is not too far removed from the 9200. Are the GA2/GA0's roughly equivalent? What's your opinion on selecting the interconnects before deciding on the speaker cable?

Tweak 1: I think the dealer closes to me carries PS Audio, I will swing up there and see what demos are available.
Feaoce:It was a dealer suggestion something new they just brought in. They let me take home the speaker cable to compare to my speaker cable, FMS model ESP-2. The FMS is a older design but still very good sounding. The DNM sounded better, it had better detail, good bass and a sweet top end. I thought it was a good match for my speakers which are Dynaudio 140's. As far as the IC, i thought they were just as good as my FMS microwaves at about half the cost of the FMS. Hope this helps.