Cable/Interconnect Suggestions for MF X-150/Totems

Hey Gonners, I need some leads on cables for my system. Its a pretty basic system consiting of a Musical Fidelity X-DACV3, a Musical Fidelity X-150 Integrated Amp, and a pair of Totem Acoustic Sttaf speakers.

I am currently using $25 monster cable from radio shack and a $10 monster interconnect.

I am trying to define a budget given the scope of my system, and I think $200 or less used for speaker cables and less than $100 on an interconnect. Components are placed fairly close, I only need 5ft or less speaker and 1 ft interconnect.

Please comment on what suggestions you might have given my system, does the budget seem acurate given my system? Is there something a little more that would sound better?

Analysis-Plus Oval 9 has been recommended ...any comments are welcome!
The very best bargain in Audiogon auction interconnect that I have discovered is from Auricle Audio Design. Apparently, not noticed among the multitude of offerings, but one really cannot argue with wire this obviously great when auction makes available in the basement price range where you found your starter Monster from Radio Shack! I believe their speaker wire design is soon to be finalized, and have not yet auditioned it. As an aside, their Signature digital IC is also a winner.
For the best speaker wire that I have already come to love in your $200 price range, check out
Reality Cable has been thrilling in another system of mine, and their audibly superior speaker cable has already reached a finished design for many months. Their matching IC is above your specified price target, worth every penny, and still a flat out bargain compared to most of what's out there.
There are always personal taste and system matching considerations, but these are two lesser known sources that never cease to impress listeners.
I would highly recommend Oval 9’s. I used them with the X-150 and Model 1’s in an office system that I had. Currently I’m using them with my Model 1’s and a Plinius integrated in a 2nd system. IMO you can’t do better for the $$$. Would also recommend their Solo Crystal IC’s but they are probably a little over your budget, even used. But it might be worth the stretch.