Cable info

I am looking for some input. I made a huge screw up purchasing a USB cord to use with my MacBook. I thought I purchased a USB to USB B cable rather than USB to USB B mini. The guy seeking it listed no returns. I believe this cable is only good for Android cell phones. The question i have is, what am I compromising? Is there SQ loss using a cell phone vs MacBook? Is there SQ loss using Android device vs iPhone? Please advise.
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no SQ loss really if and only if the format stored is the same for a digital transfer

then you want to get it out of there and into a good DAC, without altering any of the bits, without introducing leakage currents and without introducing any jitter

for $40 you can buy a warrantied Apple TV3 form the Apple refurb store; shoot WiFi based AirPlay from iTunes to your TV and run the digital into your DAC - you will find it sounds quite good on your $12,000 Magnepans...