Cable Hum in NBS Cables

I have a pair of 32' XLR NBS Statement that has a faint lower-treble buzzing noise. After an hour or so of system warm up, the noise is reduced. It is in both channels and it only does it when used between line stage (ARC LS5) and amps (now ARC CL150). If I shuffle equipment around and put it all on the floor, to try the cables in other positions, the buzz is gone when used from phono stage (ARC PH2) to LS5 OR DAC (ARC DAC3) to line stage. So my guess is that it has to do with the output stage of the LS5 not being a perfect match with such a long run. Once the music is going, the noise cannot be heard....only when the volume is all the way down and I put my ear against the tweeter (Maggie 3.3s) do I hear the noise. If I switch to other long cables, ARC Litz Line, the buzz is gone....but so is the awesome magic of the NBS. So for now, it is not a big issue. I just wanted to raise it with the group to see if anyone has any ideas. Could it be as simple as needing all the connections on the XLRs re-soldered? This could end up being expensive so any other ideas would also be welcome.

Jafox, according to another post of yours, you live in the Minneapolis area, home to both ARC and NBS have you tried a local phone call to either of them for their input? ARC is well known for their customer support. Can't imagine they wouldn't take an active interest in enhancing your enjoyment of two of their products.
This has been raised on other occasions here--I know exactly what you are referring to as I had the same 'problem' with 25 ft of the same cable between a Jadis JPS2 to Pass 1.2 Monos(all XLR).
I rang and chatted to the very obliging Walter at NBS and he concurred the mismatch in the cable Pre interface. He refunded my purchase price in full on the 25footers.Like you rather than compromise the superb NBS link--I moved the front-end closer and had no problem with 8ft lengths of the same.

Good luck in your quest,