Cable House Sound?

A common piece of advice in this discussion forum is, find the sound you like and stay with it...This is good advice but not always a practical task, especially with the cost of switching out cables to find that sound...

So, please mention a manufacture that you have found and stayed with, describe their house sound. I know much of this is subjective, but it might be a starting point for myself and others...
Acrolink top-of-the-range power cords. 8N-PC8100, 7N-PC9700, 7N-PC9900

- Illuminating tube-like treble, very smooth, almost without grain
- Organic, real and life-like presentation
- Powerful bass
-life like transient edges (insanely sharp and fast like the real thing)
-simultaneously, not bright, which is unexpected in cables (more like real live instruments)
-rich harmonic structure akin to the actual instruments
-dynamically correct, and level correct (across the frequency spectrum) at any volume level
-proper ’plosives and the like in micro and macro correct phase/timing attributes which, again, real life has
-simultaneous micro-delineation, which is again, natural and warm (which the real world has in abundance, not the expected screech that tends to be associated with this aspect in cables)

-tends to not fit systems that are adjusted for chains of gear that are balancing each other’s faults out in an attempt to find nirvana (which is the wrong approach, anyway...and that is where all of any returns or resales come from)

-extreme bass range is a bit weak in overall presence in the lower rungs of the cables.
-All the good stuff goes up in levels as one gets to the better cables.
-good amounts of all of the desirable traits above.... are inherent in even the lowest priced cables.

Our observations indicate that those who buy Teo cables tend to keep the cables and change the gear, which is the opposite of many, who tend to change the cables and keep the gear. It's a striking point to observe, IMO...

PURIST great stage,midrange,depth,wonderful highs,detailed midrange.Jump on several pairs of Neptune or other models ASAP!
Verastarr, for me checks all the boxes. The use of flat copper foil in his cables was a remarkable improvement to my listening enjoyment. YMMV😀
In my cable journey I bought some Purist Audio stuff. When I questioned Jim about an issue I received a no response.

Gets a F- in my book.