Cable-Help McIntosh-preamp-amp-Shahinian speakers

I just bought a McIntosh C200 preamp and will get a MC352 or MC602 power amp. Both have balanced connections. Could those of you who have experimented with cables in pure McIntosh-combinations tell me about their results? Another question is for the Mac-fans who own Shahinian speakers: What tap (2, 4 or 8 ohm) do you connect them to? I own Diapasons, consisting of the Double Eagle subwoofer and the Diapason module itself. Do you connect them to different taps of your Mac? And finally, which speaker cable do you use? Which did not work?
Have to go with Cardas; They make several at different price points,depending on your budjet. Best thing If you buy wisely you can re sell for near the same dollar
I use MIT T2s with my McIntoshes. I like them very much - add good depth and lower noise floor. Cardas is good too. Arthur