Cable help for NEWBIE

Hi all: I have a Marantz SR8000 Receiver (DD/DTS-24 bit/96kHz)@105WPC, and just purchased a Denon DVM 3700(used)DVD/CD changer that suports these features. At present, the setup will be a 2 channel system (Maggie MMG'S as fronts). My question: what cabling will I need? Additionally, the back of the Denon DVD has two(2) slots: 1.Coaxial and 2.Optical, however even though I have the manual for both Units, I sadly can't quite comprehend how these 2 outputs comes into play.I was hoping that you kind experts could help.
Mandrake, The outputs are for you to pass the 5.1 signal(AC-3 and dts) to your reciever to decode. You will need a good digital coaxial cable to make this happen. Canare makes 2 great cables which you can find on this site $27-$40, just put Canare in the search. Stereophile compared these cables to other cables 5-10x as expensive. This solves your audio, now you need a S-video or Component Video(best picture) cable to get the picture to your reciever or directly to the TV(depending on your setup desrire). Would also check Canare cable(or Audioquest, Kimber, Transparent). If you use the audio out(left and right) this will be analog stereo only. This may be perferrable on stereo music. You can buy used audio cables for great deals. Audioquest, Kimber, etc... there is a thread on cables. Homegrown Audio sounds interesting. I use Audiotruth(analog) and Canare(coax digital). Good luck...LR
Mandrake, sorry, to get 5.1, you will need the rest of the speakers(center, surrounds, and sub)....LR
If your going to start from scatch, match all the cables (digital, speaker, rca) with one company. So you get even integrity. My suggestion is Kimber. Contact them for a cataloge. All of there items are grade A.
I recommend calling brian at Artistic Audio, (949)362-6080. for the wonderful Ensemble cables from switzerland. they work with well with all brands of electronics. website:
Since someone else made a commercial recommendation, I'll make one too: contact [email protected], designer of Stealth cables, explain your situation and system, and IMHO you'll be very glad you did. I don't think they can be beat, and certainly not dollar for dollar.
The best advice i can give is stick to one brand.that way you get the same sonic signiture.Dont spend crazy money its not required.I have the Marantz SR-880.Its a very nice unit.Though spending more than 199.00 on interconnects is not required.Be careful with some of the silver stuff.Its can be bright in some systems.Find someone who will allow you to try cabels.The Cable Company sell a ggod variety and used cables are you best bang for the buck.Good luck enjoy the music.Keep your runs to your speakers as short as possible.Your better of with longer IC.