Cable help


I am looking for a cable for my secondary system, consisting of a Pioneer Elite receiver w/110 watts per channel, Pioneer Elite CD player & Monitor Audio Bronze B2 monitors. I need a 20' run to reach my dining room up 1 floor from my home theater room (which is what I have the Pioneer for).

I just spent $8500 on my main 2-channel system so I am looking for some value. I am considering a bi-wired MIT Terminator 4 that I can buy for around $200. I have also seen Monster Z-1R in the same price range. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I owned and heard (from my brother) both the Monster Z1, Z2, and the MIT Terminator. In our experience, both of these are no good. Compared to the half priced Signal Cable, these 2 are colored. Signal Cable as well as other good DIY cables are much much more better than these choices of yours. Try the DIY Store, Signal Cable etc. Do a search for these DIY outfits and they are all better than Monster and MIT terminators. Hope this helps.