cable help ?

Spent last 2 mos.{ and too many hours on this site} building my 1st hifi rig. Would you guys please suggest some ic's and speaker cables that would work well with my system? pre Melos ma 333, amp Clayton s40, dvd Sony es9000es.Budget is $1000 for all.Listen to everything from rock to blues.
Cable can be a very opinionated subject. I like Transparent's line but you will find supporters of just about everthing out there. Your best bet would be to buy some used here off of A'gone and if you don't like them, sell them for a small loss at most and try something different untill you find what suits you. If you buy ANY brand cable new, make sure there is a 30 day return policy so you have time to break them in and see if you like. You do not want to be the one taking the hit selling cables 2 months after you bought them.
No money is right. Most cable Co. had a family sound.Let us know your preferences: transparency, bass, focus,etc and people on this forum will be able to help you.
To stay on budget, consider Nordost or DH Labs. (The Clayton amp is said to have internal wiring from DH Labs, fwiw.) If you can blow the budget to hell, listen to Kimber Select! (I did, and there was no turning back.)
In a way you are very fortunate. You have the equipment and now need the cables to match. Cables do work differently with different systems. Some designers would like you to believe otherwise, but the fact remains you have to give up one thing to gain another. Those "things" being resistance, capacitance, and price. I would recommend working with the Cable company. They have a very good demo policy where you can borrow cables from their library which are already broken in. Call them, they have a lot of experience in this area and can stear you to several options--get all of them from the library, and then return them and purchase a new set of what works best for you.
I agree with Abstract7 the Cable CO will steer you in the right direction. Be certain of what sonically is important to you-it will give the people at the Cable Co somthing to work with. Best of luck
What is their website?
The cable companies main site is:
Cables that are not faulty perform identically. The perceived differences are generated by human psychology.
Stevemj, maybe audiophiles who are faulty or have faulty systems can't perceive the differences between cables.
You must be one of those blissful people.
Stevemj, I wish you had told me this revelation earlier. I've got a few faults (I've been told but don't believe it) but I didn't think what I hear was one.
We don't hear differences when there are none because there is something wrong with us. It's simply normal behavior.