Cable Hedge

Maybe cables make a huge difference. My guess is that there's alot of other things that can go wrong more easily. But I haven't had 1st hand experience either way.

My system consists of entirely of E-Bay winnings: Adcom GFA 555 amp, PS Audio 4.6 Pre-Amp, Harmon Kardon CDR-2 and now I'm finally getting decent speakers: Meadowark Kestrel Hot Rods- so I'm now thinking of a step above Radio Shack cable.

1st the Kestrels: What will signal to the world that I'm a serious, delight my tactile sense & avoid dangerous signal loss without burning a major whole in my pocket?

Additionally, I have Infinity & Boston Acoustics bookshelves that I sometimes run off of the same system via a speaker selector (Adcom w/ circuit protection) so I can enjoy music through the entire house! (gadzooks! such an abomination!) This wire might even run maybe 20-30 feet & might even be Monster Cable or something similar. What's best? Please be specific if possible.

Finally, it'd be really cool to have some nifty but thrifty cable terminations. Where do you get those? The Kestrels are not bi-wireable. They do boast something proudly called a Cardas Post. Can anyone suggest a cable termination with an equally poetic name? And/or something that will compliment said post?

Thanks you guys! I've seriously gotten alot of good advice here. You guys rule!
for the kestrels i recommend dh labs, is a source. i believe meadowlark uses this wire internally, so it's a good match. in the $150 range for a 10 foot stereo pair. monster is ok for the bookshelf speakers. have fun!
I own a pair of Hot Rod Kestrels and they are biwired... are you getting a new/custom version???

Going back to cables, I tried the DH Labs T-14, and in my system they didn't make the cut; too bright, sibilant. I'm using Zu cables Julians. In my system, the Julians are extended, clear, and MUCH more musical.
For your long runs look to AudioQuest type 2 or 4. Cheap and still solid core geometry. Really meant for in wall installations, but way better than garden variety zip or monster cable.

Havn't heard your mains, so I'll not put my foot in mouth with a recomendation here.
mctuff: i think you're of the same ilk that spends hours wasting everyone's time at a brick & mortar audio stores so that you can find whatever suits your fancy on the 'net. you're a self-confessed "ebay audiophile." why don't you seek advice on cables on that site? -cfb
CFB-Based on your post:

1-You're WRONG!!! Im asking for advice here exactly because I don't waste a salesman's time ( are you in sales?) 2- I don't understand: I understood that this was a forum for the audio HOBBY and e-bay is a place to buy things (BTW- I have tried to buy things on Audiogon & what I've wanted has gone too quickly. I mentioned E-bay so people would get an idea of my budget) 3- I don't understand your ill nature. How is that justified? Wrong, confused & mean (based on your post- you might actually be a great guy).... Do you have a speaker cable suggestion?

To the other people who responded, thank you.