Cable Goop Review George is going to freak!!

You guys have convinced me to try this stuff.  My bottle is supposed to arrive Tuesday but it is coming via FedEx so who knows. I’m tempted to do the whole system at once starting with the circuit breakers in my dedicated circuits to the pins on all of the vacuum tubes. However, after reading these threads it sounds like better to start small and treat the connections in stages- is that right?   Is it better to start with the speaker cables, power cords or interconnects?
Jerry123, we certainly are all messed up.  The minute any of us moved beyond a home theatre receiver and a roll of speaker wire we essentially took the blue pill.  Things that I scoffed at in the 90s such as expensive patch cords- well, I now have more invested in wires than I would have paid for an amplifier back then.  My wife, friends, brothers and sister do not understand it. One of my two sons is now bitten.  He has my first Pass Labs amp.  He bought some modestly priced AQ cables.  Heh, heh- newbie. 
I would start at the speaker cables. Doing just the speaker ends first, to see if you like it. I started there and then did my whole system about 4 days later. very happy with the outcome. Doing it in stages will slow down how fast the improvement  is, But its good to hear it develop in stages.
When I did my system with Total Contact, in stages due to the time commitment, power cords and AC items made the best improvement, surprisingly.  My expectation was that treating the interconnects would make the biggest difference, due to the lower signal strengths.
I would also suggest doing it in stages, for the reasons Pete mentions above. It is pretty remarkable listening to the improvements from just treating all power cables, all interconnects, etc.. I gave it about a week between "stages", but that is your call obviously.