Cable Goop Review George is going to freak!!

The formula was posted on the website..5% of all the following.  A couple I can't remember.
Gold silver platinum palladium
Rhodium iridium and graphene and the forgotten elements mixed in a conductive polymer..
Formula and all the safety pages were up for a few months .
Down now.. Tom

I have raw graphene powder it doesn't mix well with most fluids or other super fine particles it always floats and then sinks to the bottom
because the particle itself is so small. Mix mix mix...The carrier material for all the elements I listed is key but I have know idea what it is. I do know its different from what Tim Mrock used. Tom

@kudelka8 The silver will turn to gold. Yes you are right and the song is a reference to smoking heroine as the story goes.
Have been using it and it works great. well worth the price-component up grade that good.
My Asian brethren always referred to it as smoking opium.
Chasing the dragon usually doesn't kill you from an overdose of smoking. Smoking Heroin can..

Smoking opium got to be pretty popular south of the border still is from what I hear..

My grandmother was 99 when she passed she use laudanum in her morning tea once a day for the last 25 years of her life. The 2 bottles we threw away were from the 50s. Her doctor gave the proper size dipper I remember.. Had his office info on the little dipper..