Cable Goop Review George is going to freak!!


Hobby? I thought it was a calling?

I figured you were approaching it more as a crusade? ;-)

I'm not dismissive of this stuff at all although I'm likely never to try it.  I'm just very happy with how my system is sounding and am just enjoying music listening and buying vinyl these days.  It's all about priorities (which of course are always subject to change).
@three_easy_payments +1 agree 100%.  I tried cable lifters and still use them even though I can not hear a difference at all. 
I wonder if its just graphene in a nonoxidizing oil like squalene

If it was < $100 Im sure a lot more audiophiles would take the plunge
Man, this is a tough crowd!
I, being the ultimate tweaker, and now retired with extra time available have tried this product. It really is a winner and I agree with the review. It is now on all my cable connections etc. Really enhances the sound stage, imaging, etc. Everything positive. Even more so than the yellow QSA fuse!
I should note that I did at one time try the PPT paste, but I thought it diminished the highs. This product does not.
And, I do use Stabilant 22 but it is now used primarily on lawn / car batteries.

Got to try it to believe it.