Cable for vintage Rotel tuner

Just got a revised and internally upgraded vintage tuner, Rotel RT1025. The tuner has to be reburned in, but it sounds really fantastic. The sound is detailed, has a good soundstage and is threedimensional. But it lask a bit of 'warmth', body and 'fullness' (which could be attributed to the burning in proces?).

My system is : Kharma speakers, Symphonic Line integrated amp and Nirvana SL speakercable (soon to be replaced by SX).

What (rca) cable would be a good match? I'm looking for a 'top end' cable, since I think radio is an equal source to digital and vinyl.

I don't know about radio being an equal to other sources at least in the US but a good warm cable would be Transparent. The best cable I have ever heard tyhat has more extention at both ends of the spectrum that the Transparent and is detailed without a hint of harshness would be Nobios. They make 4 levels and I have played with the bottum 2 and the top model. The bottom model sounds better than any Audioquest cable made which says a lot. The second one up in the line is 50% better than the bottum and I didn't realize how good the top pair was until I gave them back. (loaners) If you can't find Nobios look for a pair of FMS.
Thanks Duane, I'll look at Gon for Nobios (never heard of it...). Did you hear this cable specifically with a tuner?

I'm listening to tuner through cable and this is rather good.

What type of Transparent would you recommend?
Radio has about 12 dB dynamic range due to the multiband compression, limiting, and clipping done at the station. Not equal to even vinyl, though might be more enoyable due to the extra processing. Can't see the value in pricey cables here.

I agree with Steve unless you are in Europe or have a Day Sequera Tuner. The Transparent cable that is the biggest jump in quality is the Ultra Link which is in the middle of the line. Nobius starts at $800 for a meter pair.

In Europe you can hear the difference between turntable on FM but hear the FCC limits a lot and as Steve says, most stations need to compress a lot due to how far they are trying to blast the waves and conserve power.
I live in Flanders (belgium) in Europe and reception through cable isn't bad at all. I just need a cable that keeps the 'crispy' sound but adds warmth and a tad more smoothness.

Is Transparent a copper cable? Other 'copper' suggestions?

Transparent is copper but will not have sparkle or crispness. They are a little laid back in the highs. They don't cover anything up but present a concert like you are in the audience and not the director on stage.
The Nobius and FMS will do everything you are asking for in a large amount. They are hard to find because no one ever sells them unless going up in the line or getting kicked out of their house. Stay away from Nordost, they are very bright. Upper end Audioquest will be a safe choice too.
There are other good cables I am sure but am not able to think of them at the moment. Try Synergistic as well.