Cable for Tonearm/Turntable........

I have identified (with the help of you here at AudiogoN) that the hum I am hearing is caused by my current TT cable a Nordost Blue Heaven, I am told it is unsheilded .....My cartridge is a Helikon into an ARC PH3se.... Any suggestions for an RCA to RCA Tonearm/Table to Phono amp cable? Someone suggested Discovery.....????

Thanks to all!
I would like to recommend the Hovland. It brought my system to levels unheard of previously. The downside is that it is designed only for phono level signals and it can't be used later for a 2v signal like a CD, tuner, etc. Try one first if you can. The thing to remember is that you still have a "cable" between your cartridge and your RCA box that will also determine the ultimate sound and shielding. AaronM
Highly recommend Purist Proteus. Not cheap, but very close to the top of the line Dominus, and much lighter and less bulky.