Cable for Thiel CS6 - Krell FPB600

I am currently using 6' AQ Clear for this connection, but am looking for a (possibly) more synergistic connection for these (the AQ Clear was matched for my Levinson 23/KEF R107 combo about 3 years ago). Anyone have the same/similar combo, or suggestions to enhance this duo? Thanks for your consideration.
I used Purist Audio Designs Colossus Rev A. between Theil 3.6 and Krell KSA 250 with good results but I did not try any other cable so just a suggestion or starting point.
Tried my Nirvana SL speaker cable on a pair of CS6s I auditioned with music from Jeff Buckley's Grace album. The way those speakers handle electric guitar--full-bodied and coherent, was amazing. The speaker cable wasn't bad either, besting the store's Transparent Audio (still a good match). An added bonus is that you'll only need a single pair since CS6s are not biwireable.