Cable for Nola Minis in SS system

Any suggestions for an all solid state system paired with Nola Minis? My current cables are the Mapleshade Clearview Golden Helix (with the plus treatment), and although I love the way the instruments are presented, soundstage and depth, the voices have an irritating screechiness at the top end of the highs. Its especially noticeable on the "s" and "t's" of women's voices. I'm looking for a cable that will be fairly neutral.

What's your source equipment? I could be wrong, but I question whether a cable can tame what you describe. It might be your cd player.
My system consists of a Onix XCD-88 player, and a Qinpu A1.0x integrated. I had previously been using a set of Wasatch copper cables and had no problems with the highs as I do now. The reason I changed them was that they were bi-wire and the Nolas were are not, so it took some work to connect/disconnect them. The sound from the Wasatch was quite good, but the soundstage was much more compressed than the Mapleshade.
I've had the Minis for years and NEVER had any screechiness or extra sibilance at all...and that was using SPM and Blue Heavens. These speakers shine with high quality gear but they are usually fairly forgiving.

I used mine with all solid state gear - a vintage Luxman integrated, an Arcam AVR300, and I've forggotten what else.

I don't recall treble emphasis being a characteristic of the Mapleshades, but you may need to look to more than just your cabling.