Cable for maggie 1.6

I have found nirvana with Acoustic Zen IC's in my system and when I got the Satori speaker cables to go along with them I lost something in the mid bass to lower midrange region (I think). I replaced some Alpha Core MI2 cables that were biwired with a single run of Satori which is much more detailed and images better and has nicer tone in the upper mids and better bass dynamics as well. I know it does not sound too bad, but my system is missing that emotional something that the MI2's had.

My question is:

What cables do you recommend with the 1.6's that will give me the best of both worlds?

Someone who I respect told me Analysis Plus Oval 9 as his choice over the MI2's (just a little better)

BTW my system is:

Rogue 99 Magnum
Plinius SA100 MKIII
LP12,Rega 300, Grado Sonata
Maggie 1.6

thank you
What is your budget?

I am very familiar with 1.6's and the SA100 mk3 amp.

Post your budget, and I will make a recommendation.

My setup consists:
Wadia 860x
JRDG model 10
Maggies 1.6

Wired by FIM power cord (amp) and interconnect (to cdp).
PS Audio Lab II (cdp) and Nordost Blue Heaven speaker cable (to Maggies). Currently in the market for speaker cables to further enhance the current sonics.

I have found that the Maggies are rather revealing... so I have decided to tweak with some "warm" cables which the FIM provided without the expense of detail loss. Just to be sure I don't overdo my "coloring" I have decided to use Nordost cables for balance...

For further research, visit the link below - a focus site for Planar speakers.

Hope this helps
I just plugged my Jena Labs Twin 15(Valkyre) cables in my system this evening and WOW! I was floored by what happened- I was expecting the bass to knock me over and it didn't change too much- perhaps slightly more linear. How ever the midrange, midbass and highs are the best I have ever heard(from these speakers) and vocals are so freaking real sounding you want to reach out and touch the performer. Needless to say I am impressed, these are going to be staying with me for a while. I am using 3.6 and not 1.6 but still felt the opinion was worth noting. Now that I have something else playing in the background while typing this and the bass is snappier then I have ever heard- the next few day should prove to be very interesting and enjoyable.
thank you, my budget is in the $400 - $500 range max.

I replaced Blue Heaven with the AC MI2 and preferred the tone and presentation even though the BH was more detailed and extended (especially in the highs)

thank you, I will look into the jena labs twin 15, it sounds good especially the fact that you like the bass response too. That is something i miss about the MI2 it had good slam in the bass region even though it was a little thick.

I would really recommend the Alpha Core MI2 and Acoustic Zen Satori to most people but I am greedy and wanted the best of both. Especially the Satori in the right system could really sing, the MI2 is a little down in most performace aspects though tuneful.

thanks guys
I'm using Goertz MI2 with excellent results. They are
excellent, and a bargain.
I'm assuming that you are biwiring. If not, do so the difference is huge.

Change the binding posts on the rear of the speaker to higher quality ones. When you take out the old binding posts you will notice that the wires are bolted on and you will be amazed that any signal gets through to the speaker.

Think about getting another Plinius and bi-amp.

If you really want to get the ultimate performance out of the 1.6s, upgrade the crossover parts; you will be surprised at how cheap the factory parts are.

After doing the above, you will be able to seriously evaluate speaker cables. Try the following: Nordost Blue Heavens, Coincident CST-1 or TRS or Kimber 8tc.