Cable for iPod

What do you recommend to connect iPod to a Unico / JM Lab Cobalt 816? silver or copper? price range less than $200.
Cooper and use the rest of the budget to get a Naim I-Supply for the I-Pod. Otherwise you will be exposing the speaker to damage from distortion, especialy if you use the Apple Lossless or the AIFF to encode your music. Those two types of files make the I-Pod hard disk to run continuosly, therefore drain your battery and/or place a great demand on the stock charger.
Audience makes one for $99.00 and it is excellent. I use on for my iPod and my Airport Express with great results.

Audience, Revelation Audio and Signal are the mini-plug to RCA adapters I know of. Regardless of copper or silver, it kinda depends on what you're hoping to achieve soundwise. I understand Revelation Audio cables are on the revealing side, while Audience cables maybe less so.
Try the Zu Cables Pivot. I liked the mini-RCA so much I decided to buy another in mini to mini.
How much does it matter how good your connection is when your IPOD is recorded with only about 7% of the original CD recording - unless thats is you use up 15x the space in your IPOD when making recordings.
Hi -

I got one of the first Audiences ever and it rocks - even makes a difference with our junker Sony Boombox. That IMHO makes it a real deal tweak.

Monster also has a cable and we use one of theirs (actually just their RCA pair to mini) into our Nakamichi head unit on the boat (12v automobile unit) Also sounds very good. (Rest of the system is an Alpine 200w 4 channel amp and Energy speakers - not like my big rig but hey its a boat)

BTW It is unclear to me if the iPod can utilize Apple Lossless, WAV or AIFF encoding. In non empirical tests we did determine that the newer iPods sound a lot better than the original 5Mb unit I started with.