Cable for Hovland and Cary

What cables would be suitable for a Hovland HP100 pre-amp and Cary 805C. My speakers are Merlin VSM-SE and I have Cardas Golden Cross speaker cable. My personal preference would be the Cardas Golden Reference interconnect as I prefer a warmer and more rounded sound. Or would silver cables or the Quattrofil be more suitable? Your help is appreciated.
I have Cary SE's as well. Not the 805's :( but the the 300se's. I found Cardas cable to be a little TOO warm with SE amps, for my tastes. I have found that the Cary's can utilize all the resolution you can give them, and of course, they will never get harsh or brittle sounding. If you already have Cardas speaker cable, I would recommend trying something different for the interconnect to the amp, perhaps something more "resolution" oriented. I have had good results with Synergistic Research Looking Glass, and Kimber Select series cables. Having said all that, there is only ONE way to find the right cable for your system - TRY in your system, as I'm sure you know.
Hi Jtan4. I also have the 805c. I have the quattrofil and have been using Kimber select 1030 IC. The 1030 is silver. I prefer the 1030. I dont find either cable warm or rounded unless it's on the source. I will be changing all my wiring to FIM. Audiolover said it best. You have to try it in your system. The best wire out there is the one you like best.