Cable for HD picture only

I want to run the video only to my HD tv from my DVD/Blueray player . Do I need an HDMI cable to get the best HD picture or can I use a different type of cable that may be cheaper and easier to run over a long distance of @ 35ft. ? I will run the audio through the player to my pre/pro or amp with RCA cables . I don't have a HDMI capable pre/pro .
You can get excellent long run HDMI cables from Monoprice and Blue Jeans. I have run 75 feet with a perfect picture.
HDMI is the only cable type that will transmit a 1080P image. Agree with the previous post, Blue Jeans cables work very well and are cost effective. Your proposed cable set-up is the same that I use; 35' HDMI from a Pioneer Elite BDP-09FD blu-ray player to my Sony VPL-VW85 projector and 5.1 RCA cables from the blu-ray player to a Krell HTS. Audio processing is done by the BDP-09FD, the Krell HTS is just used as a volume control, albeit a very expensive one!
Agree with both posts. I have run 35' HDMI with excellent results and used RCAs for audio, a much shorter run, with excellent results. I purchased my HDMI off Amazon.