cable for Gershman Acoustics Avantgardes

Any one have any cabling suggestions for Gershman Acoustic Avantgardes. I have Signal cable Silver Resolutions and Ultra Biwire. Considering Analysis Plus Solo 8 Crystal biwire. Other suggestions
i'm using nordost blue heaven. nordost is what gershman uses at all the trade shows. blue heaven is the best i can currently afford.

kevin t
I don't know your budget, but Nordost Red Dawn or even better, the SPM, should be on your your shortlist. They mate very well with any of the Gershmans. I heard the GAP 828 with Valhallas and the sound was simply breathtaking.
i know there is a multitude of cables to choose from but i went with paul speltz's anti-cables and was totally blown away after hearing them on my system. at $10.00 stereo pair terminated and shipped is a audiophile's dream. best cables i have heard and would not even consider any other. currently using them on 2 systems. have recommended them to others with everyone purchasing them as well. very natural sounding with lots of detail.