Cable for Gallo Ref III "sub" 2nd voice coil

Looking for opinions & experiences:

I felt clever... my Nordost SPM's are a shotgun pair, so I was running them for the "full range" and the "sub."

For S&G's I decided to celebrate Thanksgiving by pulling an old set of MIT MH 750's out of the closet... I hooked them up to the Gallo SA and the "low end" up to the sub. The bass sounded substantially different--probably not as tight, but more energy and definitely more low bass presence.

I don't like the solution...(don't trust that the MIT junction boxes aren't playing with phase or something else bad)--what are you good people using for your second speaker cable?

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I ended up going deeper into the audiophile closet and changed out the MIT's for Fulton Golds... I had forgotten how difficult they were to work with, but I like the sound better than the MIT's.

Still want everybody to chime in...

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Using the same cable top/bottom will yield the greatest coherency amongst the drivers-possibly a less expensive model?
Decision made:

I have a length matched (with my SPM's) set of Wegryzn Special 8-Gauge Copper Slams on the way. I decided to just throw more metal at the issue (and a 60 day in home trial...).

Will try to remember to update this thread, but I am surprised at the lack of response.