Cable For Esoteric UX-3 Universal Player

I have tried 2 different analog cables for my Esoteric UX-3. The first was a Groneberg cable which I am using throughout my system. The Groneberg seemed to be a bit too warm for my taste with the Esoteric Player. I am now using a MIT AVT1 cable and although it is better, I still don't get enough sparkle in the highs.

I am open to suggestions that will add a little more sparkle to the sound without lightening up the bass. I want to keep the price below 400.00 new and I would hope to find one used for even less money. Although my system has audiophile approved cables and power cords, I believe that after 400.00, the law of diminishing returns takes over. You can view my system below.

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You may wish to try a second-hand pair of Acrolink...which i believe is Esoterics own cables. If you are looking for 'sparkle' without losing the bass...perhaps Cardas Neutral? You may also wish to try Sablon affiliation...but Mark Coles does great work. Being direct, his value ratio is tremendous. His Panatella's are great but i think a bit above your 400, perhaps closer to 700? Cannot
Try the Audience AU24. Very nice cable and you might bring it in at budget. Also, the Coincident Extreme is very good at the price. You won't often find them used, so I would give Coincident a call and try to work something out if you can. A very good IC, IMO.
I would second the Audience. Even their introductory level cable which no one talks much about at least the IC are called "Conductors" and are a great value. In general you should look for a small diameter conductor which is silver plated copper.
Back when Silver was cheaper, I had a custom silver ?alloy? power cable made for me, just for my sources. It worked out really well. A lot of times people want more fullness and rich warmth from cables, but I can see a source needing to be clean thus the custom silver cable I use. Sorry I don't remember which company it was but it was one of the commonly auctioned cable companys, that you used to see on Agon.
I use the audience AU24e with mine. Previous was shunyata. I like the Audiene.