Cable for electrical installation

I am thinking for 1 or 2 dedicated lines for my hi-fi and I am asking your experience for the cable to use for this task.
I am thinking for Kimber pk10 (the green one) or Analysis plus, any other suggestions or the best up to 20-30$ per meter (3feet).

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If you`re running lines from your panel, check your local building codes. Neither one meets code. If you`re smart, you`ll use a licensed electrician. In case of fire, a DIY job gives the insurance co. an excellent reason to deny your claim. This is the best advice you`ll get this year.
Chris Ven Haus sells cryo-treated Romex for jobs like yours.
And if you're running more than 25 feet from your panel to the outlets for your system, go up one wire size (AWG) than what the code requires for the size (15,20,30A) circuit you're installing.
Virtual Dynamics bx armoned wire is what I installed. 10 ga. cryoed with armomed conduit. I believe it would fit your price range. Also VD offers cryo breakers and outlets.
thank you all for your answers.
Of course I use electrician I am not a diyer (so I am spending more money for my ignorance LOL).
Brouch I would love to use virtual dynamics because I've Vd powercords but their installation cord is not imported in my country, unfortunatelly.
I'll check also CVH cryoed Romex.
other suggestions?
I second quick and very friendly service! This is my new DIY provider!!!