Cable for Classe and Hales

I hate looking for cable, and i think that my twinlink isn't doing what all could be done. For an Audio Seventy and a pair of Rev. twos. I dig a huge soundstage, rock and electronic music and would like to shell out no more than $300 for a six foot pair. Also, any suggestion for a preamp under $800? Thank you.
Hi. Classe is usually neutral stuff, and the internal wiring on the Hales is Cardas. Cardas is a good match, Cardas Cross is nice, and the Golden 5C can be had cheap/used. The question on the preamp is a tough one, what are you using for front end components? The Adcom 750 is excellent, and can be had used for around your looking price. The Audio Research LS3 is nice solid state, even a nice matching Classe preamp can be had for your looking price. Hope this helps. Regards, Bill M.
I agree with the above post. The Hales and the Classe equipment both is wired with Cardas line (I actually spoke with George Cardas on this issue) and I would suggest staying with the Cardas. I am using the Quadlink 5c on my Rev 2s with great effect. I bought the cable used here on Audiogon for around $250. Keep an eye open. Just FYI, I am using a Golden Tube SEP-2 pre amp and the SE 100 power amp. Good luck, Steve
MIT MH 750 Plus Series II cables(not shorter than 8 Ft.) should give the sound that you want and can be had just within your price from Audio Advisor.An Anthem Pre 1L will work very nice with your system and in your price range as will a Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 Signature,which is a cut above the Pre 1L .I have the Rev 3s with the new MIT Shotgun Series cables and am very pleased with the sound.Great bass mids,and detailed smooth bass.The Series II is close in all respects .I have constantly bought gear to compare in my system so what is currently is the best of my efforts which included auditions and lengthy a-b ing with 2 other audio friends. Happy hunting !