cable fast dynamic and transparant recommendation

hi guys

i am looking interconnect that dynamic and transparent. any recommendation. i read about valhalla but its out of budget.

anything below $1000 used?

May want to consider the frey or tyr. I did a side by side comparison between the frey and valhalla. The frey is at least 90% of the valhalla. Yeah the valhalla is way out of my budget too.
morrow audio cables are well worth investigating.
Try Analysis Plus Silver Oval.
second for morrow
DNM HFTN IC's about $500.00 for 1m, you will be satisfied!
Get in touch with Grover Huffman, you won't be sorry!
Try finding some used Ocellia Reference cables.. Amazing on all counts.

Acoustic Zen Absolute
Thanks alot for the recommendation guys.

Whats the character or the strongest point of the recommended cables? Is it tonal? Balance? Musicality? Dynamic?

I do not have the luxury of home audition. Hence i really depends on your feedback

I am using kci silkworm that i am looking to upgrade

Thanks in advance guys
Milen007 - Acoustic Zen Absolute are very dynamic and fast but not bright. I noticed cleaner and fuller sound of instruments. I also felt performers just in the room on some records. It is perhaps because they sound very, very clean, and transparent. Absolutes have great reviews but I can only report the difference from less refined Audioquest King Cobra (same lenght and type, same system). As for construction Absolutes are 7N zero crystal silver (with 1% copper) in foam Teflon oversized tubes (to lower further dielectric constant). My cables are 0.5m XLR.

Stronly consider Crimson Music Link IC's, they were a revelation for me and many others. So much information comes through that was not there before with with other highly rated cables. Very dynamic and fast. Austin HIFI also offers free long term in home trial. I previously had Morrow Ma4 and Van Den Hul Jubilee xlr's and these cables were basically trounced by the Crimmsons for less money. Try these without risk. Creston & Creston Jr. at Austin Hifi are great to deal with.
Just a reminder Milen007. Why don't you have the luxury of a home audition? Remember the cable company has a wide range of cables to lend from their library, give excellent advice and you can buy from their second hand cable collection. In my view, cables are the area where it really does pay to buy second hand.
Since the moderator is clearly protecting the people selling interconnects and speaker cable on this web site, I'll shorten my reply up. Interconnects and speaker cable aren't nearly as important as one might think. I guess I'm not allowed to speak of inductance, capacitance and resistance. Anyhow, you make your own informed decision.
thanks guys for all the inputs

unfortunately i do not have the luxury for home audition as i am outside of us
Try Clear Day Double Shotgun
No idea which ones would fit your budget, but Synergistic Research Tesla active shielded cables are awesome and there are various ones in the range. I think they promise to beat anything up to a certain multiple of cost, so gotta be worth a try .....

I have the Apex and Precision reference, which are fantastic ... VERY open, fast and detailed. Instruments seem to hang in mid-air unlike anything else I've tried.