Cable "experts", advice needed

Can you go to the two links provided and tell who, IYO, has the better design? One apears to have more strands than the other, different connectors are used, etc. I am interested in XLR conectors, Marc lists them on his page and pricing, Home Grown mentions them on their FAQ page; I can't tell if I would have to connect them. Marc uses Switchcraft A3F/M, Home Grown mentions Neutrik. I may be interested in a set of RCA's in the future. They both have "sane" prices. Your opinions would be greatly appreciated.
Hello, I, too, have been interested in both of these designs. With regard to RCA connectors, it's hard to tell which one would be better without comparing them with identical cables. The ones from stager have only 2 conductors, which means that you could not use XLR's on this cable as XLRs are intended to be used, ie: positive, negative, and a separate ground. Perhaps Stager offers a 3 conductor cable. Homegrown audio's cables have 3 conductors, which would allow for XLR conductors. Some of my friends have mucked around with making interconnects, and it basically comes down to getting lucky and finding a "magic" configuration for the associated equipment, unless you have some test equipment. They have tried 2 runs, 3 runs, 4 runs, it all sounds different. I would suggest buying both, and comparing them in your home. THey both offer 30 day money back guarantees, so what's the risk? Homegrown will make you a balanced pair, and you can't return their "kit" cables.
As for the Stager wire being two runs, it says on the Web site, "Also available in a three wire balanced configuration with industry standard Switchcraft A3F/M connectors."
Brian, how are you? Gthirteen is correct about the number of conductors for each. If you are interested in XLR, I would recommend HomeGrown. Send them an e-mail, and talk to them they are VERY repsonive. I have been in contact with them, and they have told me many things they have(or will have) available, which are not yet posted on their website. One of them being more "esoteric" connectors. In my opinion, HomeGrown would be the better way to go, if you are interested in a balanced configuration. I am ecstatic that people are beginning to move on these sane cable companies. They certainly deserve our interest and our business. The more we get involved, and support them, the more will spring up. There is NO "good" reason for cable to be as much as it is. See, good silver interconnect can be $70! Will it be the best you've ever used? Depends on your system, but that is true of any cable. Perhaps the cable revolution is about to begin. GOOD LUCK!
Hi Trelja, doing good, thanks; how about yourself?. But why do you think Home Grown is better? I realize you need three wires for balanced, as I stated, Stager wires does use three for their balanced.
Brian, I have never heard Stager. But, the 3 silver conductors are standard with HomeGrown, not extra cost. And XLRs are available. From what I have read on the Stager website, they probably sound very similar(materials seem identical - other than the connectors). Just the fact that HomeGrown is cheaper(about half price), and has been very responsive to me. Nothing against Stager, the fact they are doing this has ME on their side. Thanks.
Was very close to springing for the Stager cable when I read a review online comparing the Silver Audio Silver Bullet 4.0 to the Stager (can't actually recall the publication but it would probably show up in a net search). In any event, the reviewer was very positive on the Stager's in the midrange but felt the Silver Audio equalled them in that area and blew them away in the bass and treble department. In any event, the Silver Audio's are more expensive, but I ended up purchasing a used half metre of Silver Audio Bullet 6.0's (six conductors) for $150 used and I can assure you it is a very fine cable. Replaced Kimber Heroes, which they destroy in every area. And definitely not "bright", as many suggest, very smooth in fact. The Hyacinths (new from Silver Audio) may well be excellent as well, but I haven't heard them.
I know only a little about Homegrown, but what I know would lead me to avoid them. Why not at least have a look at the Stealth cables viewable at These are at "sane" prices too, and designed with real expertise, and I would be very, very surprised if they're not worlds better than either Homegrown or Marc's. They come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, you pay only for shipping, so trying them would not be a major risk.
Tom_nice, what in particular do you know about HomeGrown would cause you to avoid them? I am a big fan of theirs, but am an objective person. So, I am interested in all sides. I think they make a great product, are very responsive, and may serve as a watershed company(in helping to spur other reasonably priced wire companies). I would never claim they make the best wire, but I would never claim that of ANY company. Some wire will work great in my system and lousy in your, and vice versa.
Trelja (and others..??), hi! Have a look at "" especially the last couple of paragraphs, may interest you, rgds Tim.