Cable Elevators

Just curious if anyone is using cable elevators and what changes they brought about. I have read there are benefits to having cables raised off the carpet.
Yep. $300.00 foam blocks. $195.00 plastic cubes with a V cut...etc.

All of this and I have yet to see any measurements of a change in sound coming from a speaker. You can buy speakers and some manufactures will supply measurements such as the actual wave length...such as these.

How about some before and after there by cementing the benefits (or not) of magical blocks of foam and plastic.
Measurement: The last refuge of the incompetent audiophile. 

They work. Read the comments.
It not PV=nRT but rather I+V/R1 and Electromagnetism is a factor (caused by many things) for us in the land of chasing down clean playback. Who doesn’t like getting elevated?
Rugs pick up the diffraction from the variance in moon phase and sun polarity. This diffraction is converted to electrical energy that is released and penetrates the insulation on your cables. It contributes to the imperceptible noise floor that destroys your soundstaging and can cause anxiety. The EMI field thus generated, with the dielectric effect, causes aural confusion and irritation. Do not use synthetic materials for the cable risers, only fossilized wood will do.
Didn't read the comments, did you?