Cable Elevators - What do you use?

In the search for cable elevators I have found a wide variety of opinions, not only on what constitutes a scientifically smart elevator, but also, those who think it is all snake oil.

I use inverted yogurt cups spray painted flat black for maximum WAF on the speaker cables - should I be using them on power cables as well?

What do you use, or . . . .why not?
Never have used them and never will!Could not hear a difference when I heard them in a over 100K system that I use as my reference. Serves no real purpose to me now that I'm older and wiser.I used to wonder why my ex wife would shake her head and laugh sometimes when I'd try to use the same pseudo science used on here and other forums and explain something that I never knew existed to begin with until I read about it in a magazine or an online forum!The Emperor has no clothes!
"Serves no real purpose" errr, you must have missed my post about the dust bunnies.
Elizabeth. You are so misstaken. I only use cable elevators made from baby seal skin, handclubbed in Labrador. It makes the sound so much more lifelike.
On youtube, Cardas has a few videos on everything from shielding to construction to forged spades.

Anyway, I found the video on "Current thru a cable" very interesting. If a lantern battery can cause those two wires to vibrate, then imagine what AC current thru a power cord can do to a nearby IC or speaker cable or even another PC.

What that video puts into perspective, to me, is that interaction between cables is very real. Enough to utilize cable elevators? Not sure, but enough to make me wonder about them.

Also, check out the videos on shielding. Even as the cables approach the table, you see there is interaction with it's surroundings. Again, enough to require cable elevators?