Cable Elevators killed my bass

I purchased a set of 8 Cable Elevators locally on consignment recently for experimentations' sake and was shocked to hear how they seemingly sapped my speakers/system of a couple of hertz of bass output. I have stand-mounted monitors with limited bass so this effect was not subtle. However, every last vestige of grain, haze and artifice in the mid and upper frequencies was gone (and I mean GONE!) as well so this tweak seems to be a double-edged sword that I feel like falling on. Anyone else out there have a similar experience with disappearing bass?
Is it possible that the cable elevators -- especially given the positive effect on the mid and upper frequencies -- that simply eliminated exaggerated bass and made the low frequency response more defined and accurate. This might be especially the case for stand mounted monitors which often have a pronounced hump at 50hz to 60hz in order to give the impression of bass impact. As well, you would not be able to hear the loss of a couple of hz of bass. An octave or perhaps even a half octave -- if you are a particularly experienced musical listener -- is probably discernible.
Of all the responses so far, yours seems to be the most plausible, i.e., the one that makes the most sense to me. Some of the bass I was hearing was obviously "dirty bass" and now that everything's all cleaned up in the upper octaves, I guess I'll have to move my speakers a little closer to the rear wall. Not a problem, I've got 3 feet to work with so hopefully everything will fall into place.
Based on my own experience with different cable elevators it seems as if some cable designers may have "voiced" their cables for a correct "top to bottom" balance with their cables sitting on the floor. Once the cable is off the floor there typically is an elevated sense of space everywhere and the bass usually gets cleaner too. Unfortunately, these spatial improvements alone seem to add extra energy in the upper octaves (to your ears) as compared to the bass level which does not increase and may now also have less "bloat". When the balance gets this skewed (when using cable elevators) I typically say to the owner - "Time to try some other speaker cables now" ...that were perhaps designed and balanced with cable "elevation" in mind ;-)