Cable droop

Are there any solutions for keeping heavy cables/connectors from drooping while connected to a piece of gear?
My amps are close to the ground. 6" or so. I support from the floor to the bottom of the cables, and every 18-24 inches, to the speaker connection. Wood, toilet paper roles, all kind of other fancy stuff.
Me I DIY with Ms and Ws, others will chine in..

Vinyl have to be a little picker...

Buddy, I am too swamped with tweaks, mods and projects for photographs. Will have to soon though. Because right now building a truly crappy looking platform to test springs. Made for testing not for show. Ugliest thing you ever saw. Ugly, but functional. Will probably tidy up enough to take some pics so people can see what it looks like now, with just BDR Cones and stuff. Then might as well show the spring thing. Just keep in mind, never really supposed to see how the sausage is made. Might ruin your appetite! 😂
Tough to find time to take photos when you spend 8 hrs a day launching insults at people online.
You might try to fit a piece of wood or cork between  the plug where it connects to the component and the shelf  it is resting on to keep it snug.
Just keep in mind, never really supposed to see how the sausage is made. Might ruin your appetite! 😂
Never a truer word spoken. For the record, millercarbon can be insightful. insulting, intuitive, informative, instigative, and humorous, and that's just in one post!
Been thinking about this ugly as crap spring thing. Depending on how it goes, it might morph in surprising ways. One thing for sure, its too ugly to just use as-is, no matter how good it sounds. Like my cable risers, some of them are two pieces of MDF screwed together and spray painted black. Took all of like ten minutes to make em. Might not even have had to cut anything, just scraps screwed together. Just something to raise the IC enough to clear the conditioner. When they worked, oh well, paint em black, call it good. 

Under the speakers though is a different story. Will have to figure out some way to make em look good. If they even work. First things first. 

One thing for sure, cheapest spring thing ever: total cost $0.00!
My nice Power Cables tend to droop or drop where plugged into my Inakustik 3500p conditioner.  I don't hear a difference, but it bugs me.
If I wiggle a component the power cord tends to do this at the conditioner (male plug) end.  I don't have much issue at the component end.  My unit is on a shelf, extending to  the rear of my 18" shelving, I can not put something under it.
I am thinking of an elastic (thick rubber band? which goes around the PC end and the flap on my conditioner.  I realize many components don't have this flap / cover like the Inakustik. Or maybe a velcro band...
Anyone else tried this?  Audience AU 24SX PC's.

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08-17-2020 6:53pm
I use hangers on the wall, or buy longer cables.

I really never though of hanging from the wall, kinda like a gun rack..
Gears are grinding now. Easier to clean, under and around. If mounted to a stud with isolators, we're talking looking real cool, maybe a led line light on the top/bottom rung..

@oldhvymec, my cables are behind my rack etc, so really aren’t seen. However, hanging them creatively would be very cool if visible. Works great for me.
Power amps are usually placed at the bottom of the equipment rack.
Floor standing speakers, have their binding post at the bottom.
What droop?
If you have such a problem, on the Amp side, you may place a plate (Aluminum or wood), drill a hole at the edge (Prominent from back adje) 
and connect a short rope around the cable and that hole.
I use #0 AWG cables and they are ok.
A 3 m long #0 AWG weights 1.85 kg. and on each channel there are two.
The cable is flexible and the partial weight is not an issue.
For years I have used “cable stackers”, dirt cheap from your local electrical supplier. These are easily suspended with monofilament fishing leader (doesn’t stretch to the degree of regular mono) from the wall, rack or anything available. Also particularly useful if cables are run underneath floor joists and suspended with mono.
The short ends of the stackers can be heated with a heat gun and self glued together to form a descent cable riser. They are available in black, red, and white. Also low dielectric. 
I bought bamboo cut it to length used twine to weave 3 pieces together into a cable holder efficient, nice looking,cheap fix 
I have always hated my cables laying on the floor, but now that my living room has been freshly painted, I have a Solid Steel double wide rack and have a new set of speakers arriving tomorrow I'm going to go through my wood pile, sharpen my jointer blades, break out my set of dado blades, fire up the the table saw and make some cable elevators. What color finish sounds best?
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What color finish sounds best?

Black, White, Neon Orange...:-)

@bigwave1 - thanks for having a system page, where I could go see your cable risers.

However I also read what you wrote about your system, and I wasn't happy.
I'm probably going to listen to some Tekton speakers when I get back down to Texas, and I'll also most probably be hearing my own speakers for the first time on a turntable system.

I might regret doing that, because if it sounds as good as people (like yourself) claim it does... Going back home to my digital only system will be a bit disappointing.

I want to know, but may regret knowing. Perhaps ignorance is bliss?!!