Cable dollar allocation

If 10% of your audio budget goes to cables, what percent of these dollars should be allocated to speaker cable, interconnects, and power cords? Which cables make the biggest sonic differences, or are they all pretty much equally important?
spread your budget equally to start, assured that quality is
consistent throughout. consider using the power cord money to install a dedicated 20 amp, high grade outlet with isolated ground. this benefits the entire system instead of a single component, and is mandatory for even the most modest of rigs. also, the 10% rule becomes the 20% rule at around 8 to 9 grand. Anyway, this is one point of view...
Is there a "rule" having to do with 10% or 20%? I guess I missed it.

Sincerely, I remain
I thought the "rule" in all things audio is buy what you can hear that you can afford.

And have fun, of course.
I agree with the points made in Stasis's post. I have had success allocating $'s generally along the lines of the cable between two components value (retail) equaling 10% of the components combined value (retail). Above 10% and it definitely became too little improvement for the additional expenditure.
Hmmm let's see.....I have no rule similar to Bishopwill. For example: I have a classic analog Kenwood tuner I paid $50 for. It sold for $200 24 years ago (which might be at least $500 today). I am using a pair of $250 cables (I paid $150). I love how it sounds. So considering what that Kenwood tuner might sell for new today, and the new price for the cables I spent 50% (but I actually spent 300% in real money).

The cable between preamp and power amp is also way out line based on price (high). However, since that cables influences everything running through my preamp (CD, Tape, Tuner, Turntable); if you allocate the cost between the 4 sources, what I spent per source component was a great deal considering how well it works.

The same goes for the power cord between the wall and the power conditioner when allocated to the whole system.

Bishop I agree: You spend what you can hear that you can afford. Using no formulas along the way, I added it all up & presently have about $15K in cabling & line conditioning, which amounts to about 30% of the total rig. I don't use any formulas - I just listen.
What does a percentage sound like?

Always buy the best you can afford that seems reasonable for your application. That's my opinion only of course.
Bob, I can't resist calling your attention to Bishop Will's profession. He is a psychotherapist. Maybe he can help you. $15k on cabling and line conditioning. And I'm sure you don't hold the record there either.

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