Cable Costs Relative to System

Since making a spread sheet with my audio system prices, I have been thinking(shocked) about my total investment in cables. My total system retails at $67,000 (Digital and analog front ends included). I purchased all of it here on Audiogon so my investment is about 50%. Of that I have about 10% invested in interconnects and cables and another 10% in Power Cables (Shunyata Hydra included). That's $13,000 worth of wire. I'm starting to question whether it might be more effective to put some of this budget into acitve components. It would take forever to listen to all possible combinations, but would like to hear others experiences with relatively high end systems and cable selection. It would seem to me that the point of diminishing returns would be reached sooner with cables than with speakers and amps. Do most of you follow the 10% "rule" for cabling? How do PCs fit into this rule? Are there any super bargain cables capable of keeping up with highly resolving electronics?
Power cables is a must for your system. Parts is one thing i will look at. and Matching is the most important. You can have the most expensive cable but doesn't match your system. = useless.
The more expensive your system goes, your power and power cord is more and more picky.
and power cable is best to change it form top - down of the system as well.
another important is the wall outlet as well. change that first, since most cost only $300, and sure will hear a big different even from your FREE power AC.
Just my 2 cents.
Happy listening.
did you say you have a 67,000.00 stereo and you're not happy?
After several years on the cable merry-go-round, I've gotten off and find that in a DBT, nobody in a group can tell any difference. I had Kimber, Crystal, Nordost, Cardas and finally an entire loom of Synergistic Research. I'm now running Mogami interconnect and speaker cables I picked up second hand for $100 total, so the percentage rounds down to about 10% only because I still have a Synergistic Research Powercell 4 with T3 SE power cable. I was running a Weiss DAC202 to a Vitus SS-010 so not likely to be bottlenecked by components...

Pop quiz...

1. Who is happiest when electrons pass through a few feet of megabuck exotic wire?
a) the electrons
b) the audiophile
c) the cable vendor

2. Does a $500 bottle of wine taste best when drunk out of a
a) plastic cup
b) crystal wineglass
c) makes no difference if you are just tasting the wine

3. Does upgrading the fuel delivery tube in a Ferrari 458 from rubber to one made of a space age polymer increase the power output of the engine by:
a) 50hp
b) 10hp
c) zero

Think about your answers...
this is an interesting forum!I do not know what systems Hifinut604 did test on,I will say I have done the same test with complete oppisite outcome!I even went further with the test than hifinut604 did,$.50cent i/c and $1.00 a foot speaker cable. I can here a huge diference between a $4,000.00 speaker cable and the cheap one,and the same effect with the cheap i/c and a $2,800.00,It was like going from a bycycle to a ferrai!LoL! with all the years I have done test, I believe the cables should cost way more than most eanything in your system,if you know what your doing!,one of my test was a $300.00 yamaha cd-player with resonance control on top and bottom with a $4,000.00 I/C,, woh and behold this out performed a spectral amp,cd-player,and pre-amp with lesser quality cables,,A whole lot of people were laughing! then there was the silence,I thought I about made them cry when they heard the yamaha player with better cables!,very true story!