Cable Cooker

My question is if I have a 1k to spend, what cable
cooker I can buy? Or do I have to spend only 500 dollars.
I heard good things about the mobbie cooker.After
hearing the TG audio cables, I know this cables are
fully burn, I was totally sold about completely burn
in cable.So where can you puchase one?Thanks
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Audiodharma cooker also does speaker cables and power cords about $800
..i would opt for the audiodharma cooker also.i have one and it is able to cook all your cables and does a superb has them.
Audiodharma is the best! I owned a Mobie which was good ( I sold it, not becuase I didn't like it) .
After purchasing the Audiodharma Cable Cooker it is beefier and more professional looking . I found that with adapters you could even improve Video cables .Such as SVHS, RG6 and so on.
The Mobie was good , (I do not think it is available anymore ), but, it just couldnt do all the cables the Audiodharma can, such as power and speaker cables.
Calloway thank you for the link.I read the review
on sounstage too.Very interesting.
A $50 Panasonic Rice cooker can bring much more pleasure to you and your friends. Think about that as well.
Marakanetz I am on low carbohydrate diet,Iam tired of
feeding my friends, they eat too much pancit(filipino
rice noodle)they want beer too. I dont serve beer
either.Oh also they lie about what they hear in my system
too. When I get my cable cooker, I will hook all of
them there, so their brain and their stomach will be much
I use a FryKleaner from, it comes as a kit and is less than $100. It's also fun to built and works great to burn in all the cables that I sell.
Can you just use some music?
Buscis2-Not for Ag wires you can't! It would take forever unless you dig BRIGHT STRIDENT sound for the next year!
What did people do before "cable cookers"?
Before "cable cookers" people positively had substantially less madness in their minds, or to express more precisely they were not infected by some distorted conclusions of engineers by someone who wants to make gipsy money. As it's often happens in information technology world with viruses, the same happens with human brain that could be infected depending on sort-of an "immunity to accept parasite information". In case of poor "immunity", it's highly recommended to listen to "doctors" rather than listening to dealers or sellers that will try to convince you in their authentity and experience. If such lack of immunity coexists with infantile perception, which often present in all audiophiles, than consider that as the worst case scenario.

Contrary, why not? Spend and help to drive economy that needs your support.

Anyone wants to try some tube-o-lator?
Marakanetz, should you also apply tube-o-lator to the cables while cooking? Like a glaze or barbecue sauce?
I guess there are many and many more ideas to follow...:-) take is a bit different.
I believe that the "exercising" of cables either by brute short-term emf or long-term normal use is about reducing the dielectric involvement of insulations used rather than anything that can possibly happen to the conductors (assuming their solid-metal copper and/or silver).
Audioquest now tries to get around cheap insulation's effects by simply "charging" it with a battery, keeping it at constant "involvement". Whether it sounds good or not is another question.
It's interesting to note that a very old junky-insulation house line, if dedicated, will sound cleaner than a new Romex one. This is because the old cracked insulation has simply lost all its plasticisers, and has much lower dielectric involvement. Selecting insulations with very low dielectric involvement to begin with (vacuum, air, teflon, in that order), of course diminishes the amplitude of the curve...but maybe not it's duration. I state this because I used to be involved in the manufacture of high-precision lab tools made out of fluorocarbons in the 70s, and watched them drift out of calibration over months,or even over a year. Took a while to figure out how to "stabilize" them with brute force after manufacture to prevent subsequent drift. (DISCLAIMER: I use this process to "cure" my PCs to eliminate "burn-in" needs and thus prevent long-term performance drift.) Trouble is this process only works for Teflons and similar high-temp resistant polymers, not the cheap PVCs, nylons, and PEs used in most cables....
It's also my take that the supposed "improvements" with cryo-processing are more related to attemps to "freeze" out the dielectric involvement of insulations used in duplex outlets, cables, etc., rather than any possible fundamental change in behavior of the metal conductors when used at ambient room temperatures. In other words it may be the cryo-processing of the INSULATION, not the metal, that can have a salutory effect. But this is conjecture, whereas the stabilizing of Teflon I'm fully sure of. Cable insulation cookery isn't all crockery by any means! Cheers.
I 'tuned' into this thread to read about the great effect/or not;of cable cooking. Instead there was some 'education' on the menu today. "Today's special"??
Thanks Subaruguru. Or as they say:"Hey, my mind's made up don't confuse me with facts".
Subaruguru, you wrote, "It's interesting to note that a very old junky-insulation house line, if dedicated, will sound cleaner than a new Romex one".

Fascinating! Because I am experiencing exactly what you describe. I just had two dedicated lines installed (10 gauge stranded as recommended by my electrician as what hospitals in So. California use to reduce interference). I immediately noticed a more forward sound in my system and was (am) panicked that the upgrade was not worth the expense. What you describe about the old wiring (mine is from 1941) sounding better is absolutely true, and if I wasn't hearing it for myself I'd never believe it could happen. I just hope, hope, hope with time...and hopefully a short time...the new lines will burn in and smooth out.
Hook up space heaters, etc., on 'em this winter to run 'em nice and hot for awhile. Will take some time, though.
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