Cable Connection Question Need Help/Suggestions

Hello cats & kittens!!

My stereo tube amp has connections for only one set of speaker cables but my speakers have two sets of connectors for bi-wiring (Martin Logans). I have two sets of speaker cables at the moment and I just want to make sure that if I go through with this connection that nothing awful will happen. My question for you audio guru's out there is this;

Will it be okay if I hook-up two sets of cables to the amp end on the ONE set of connections? Basically, I would like to use one set of cables for the upper frequencies and one set for the low frequencies/bass on the speaker end.

If this connection is not recommended then I will try a set of jumper cables which I will purchase if I must.

Any comments, suggestions or uncontrollable outbursts are appreciated!!
You can do that with no problems as long as the binding posts will allow you to get a good, tight connection. You may want to experiment with the connection order for the different sets of cables. By that I mean there may be a difference in sound depending on which set of cables is attached closest to the amp on the binding post when you use stacked connectors. The other (and better, IMHO) option is to have the cables joined and reterminated on the amp end. Hope that helps.