Cable Comparator

I seem to remember a device made that allowed several sets of interconnects to be placed into so as to be able to do do comparisons "on the fly"...does anyone have any idea who manufactured it & where they might be available to audition?
The device would include a splitter, more jacks and a relay or a switch in the path. It might also increase the load capacitance to the total of both cables.
Consider switching the cables yourself. It takes longer and you won't have an instant memory, so you have to rely on tedious multiple swaps or a long term audition.
I think this is what you remember. Here's an article on the original comparator and its inventor, David Salz, of Straightwire and Wireworld.

Brushro - to answer your question - the Cable Comparitor was made by David Salz at Wireworld cables ( I doubt that they are still available as it was quite a while ago, but IF one can be gotten, David Salz would know how to go about it.
As I remember it was Wireworld who had that device but I don't think they were selling them. They were using them for their own comparisons and research. I think.
Check this out-