Cable combo’s that won’t break the bank?

I ran across this article and was wondering what the equivalent combo’s would be 10 years later?

it’s a great article with great descriptions!

Im looking for a good RCA interconnect for turntable and amp to preamp

I’m looking for a fuller bass and wonder 
      Running Kimber Hero & Transparent Link IC,
      And Kimber Monocle XL speaker
Both IC’s  are superb , but looking the the fuller, warmer bass 

my guess is to try Cardas or furutech 


Cardas, Wireworld, Acoustic Zen, Purist.
You could try Audio Envy cables....absolutely no regrets here with full loom of AE analog cables.
Purist check the bank first.
Morrow or Audio Envy. AE makes them to custom lengths in feet.. continuous cast.
2 left ears gave a very good list
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Page 2, #11: 

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Audio Envy hands down best power cable bang for the buck.
I am awaiting delivery of their interconnect.

Right now using Duelund 16ga cable for interconnect.
Absolutely stunning and replaced my Cardas Golden Presence IC.
I'll see how the AE interconnect stacks up.